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What is the Hard Seltzer?

A Hard Seltzer is alcoholic and flavored water. It is generally 4-6% alcohol and low in calories. It is sugar free and 100% gluten free.

This drink has been all the rage for some time in the United States and Baïa is the first 100% Belgian Hard Seltzer brand.

I am a vegetarian / vegan, can I drink Baia without fear?

Yes, Baïa is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. :)

Is Baïa gluten free?

Yes, Baïa is gluten-free and is therefore suitable for all people who are allergic to it or who wish to exclude it from their diet.

Does Baïa contain allergens?

We only use 3 ingredients, a priori, non-allergenic. Namely, water, fermented alcohol and natural flavors.

What does the Hard Seltzer taste like?

The best way to find out is to taste it! :)

Generally, consumers compare its taste to that of flavored sparkling water, but be aware that Hard Seltzer is alcoholic.

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