Je certifie avoir l'âge légal pour consommer de l'alcool dans mon pays de résidence.

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About us

The Baïa Drinks project is a business creation dedicated to the marketing and distribution on the Belgian market of a type of alcoholic drink that is unprecedented in Europe. This alcoholic beverage is said to be of the “Hard Seltzer” or “Sparkling Water” type, both determinations being correct. This drink consists of an alcoholic flavored water with the advantage of being low in calories, low in sugar and gluten-free.

Our mission: to position ourselves as the company active in Europe for the development and marketing of new types of drink. Our vocation is to be the first Hard Seltzer brand present in Belgium. We want to offer Belgian consumers an innovative alcoholic drink, less sweet, less caloric, and more respectful of current consumption habits and trends in terms of taste. The company's philosophy is to offer a drink that is different from what is currently available and to promote a drinking experience that is unprecedented in Europe.